Tot Zover

Who are we?

Tot Zover is an active museum thanks to the great efforts of a small paid team (2.8 FTE) and more than 30 volunteers. See below for employees, management and advisory board.

Guus Sluiter

director |

Art Historian Guus Sluiter (1967) completed his studies at the University of Amsterdam in 1993 and worked at the Mauritshuis in The Hague and The Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence, among others. Sluiter specializes in Dutch painting from the 17th century. He has worked for Tot Zover since 2004.

Laura Cramwinckel

curator / education & funerary academy |

Laura Cramwinckel (1976) is a graduated designer in Man & Public Space at the Design Academy Eindhoven (2001) and a religious scientist. In her MA Humanities study at Tilburg University, she mainly researched funeral related topics. Her thesis (2012) was about recent developments in crematorium architecture. She has worked for Tot Zover since 2014.


Hanita Koopmans

HR internal affairs |

Hanita Koopmans (1962) studied history and sociology at the UVA and worked as a coordinator at Naturalis and the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. She has worked at Tot Zover since December 2018. "What a special place is Museum Tot Zover and a great club of volunteers to work with."

Roos Bekkenkamp

marketing & communication |

Roos Bekkenkamp (1991) graduated with an rMA Artistic Research at the UvA and has since worked in art, theater, communication and design. She has worked at Tot Zover since March 2019.

Board of Trustees

  • De heer N.W. (Klaas) de Boer, treasurer
  • Mevrouw Y. (Yara) Cavalcanti Araujo
  • De heer E. (Edzo) Doeve, chairman
  • De heer J.H. (Johan) Idema MA
  • Mevrouw Q.B. (Quirine) Muntz
  • De heer A.J.A. (Alof) Wiechmann, secretary

Advisory Board

  • De heer W.P.R.A. (Wim) Cappers
  • De heer  J. (Jasper) Enklaar
  • De heer L. (Leo) Epskamp
  • De heer Q. (Quinten) Fraai
  • Mevrouw  A. (Anja) Krabben
  • Mevrouw M.L. (Marie-Louise) Meuris
  • Dhr. P.P.P. De Meyer
  • De heer P.G.J. (Paul) Post

Committee of Recommendation

  • De heer em. prof.dr. H. (Herman) Pleij - Professor of Historical Dutch Literature, University of Amsterdam
  • De heer drs. E. W. (Ernst) Veen - former director of Hermitage Amsterdam and director of De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
  • De heer mr. F. (Friso) de Zeeuw - director of new markets Bouwfonds Wonen B.V.

Netherlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover is affiliated with the Museum Association, the Amsterdam Museums Consultation, the International Association of Funeral Museums and the European Federation of Funeral Museums.

Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover endorses the Governance Code Cultuur.