Tot Zover

10 Years of Collecting... about dead things

Museum Tot Zover has been alive and kicking for 10 years, a good moment to look back. This exhibition celebrates 10 Years of Collecting; photographs, drawings, and objects that have not been on display before will be on show. Come and admire them!

Museums are cultural storytellers. They aim to inspire, inform and raise questions. They do this - we do this – with use of objects, most of which are donated by generous givers. A much smaller selection are on loan or acquired. This is what 10 Years of Collecting is about. Since its opening in 2007 Museum Tot Zover’s collection has grown significantly. By no means can we display it all in our permanent exhibition, that’s why this current show celebrates the acquisitions made in the past ten years.


Even now, we cannot exhibit everything, we have too much!


Ode to benefactors and loan givers

10 years of collecting is above all an ode to the benefactors and loan givers. To be completely fair, we don’t accept everything. Dispalyed items should embody Dutch death culture and have value as a collection item. We would want to put it on public display: temporarily, permanently, now or in the future. Sometimes digital display is more effetcive.

In any case all items are documented, photographed, packaged and stored with care. That’s how we preserve the stories of death, mourning and memories for future generations. Our fascination with dead things never ends.