'Voortleven' by Jim van de Sande, Maxime Wijnant and Pelin Turfanda 'Voortleven' by Jim van de Sande, Maxime Wijnant and Pelin Turfanda

Tot Zover

Willem de Kooning student exhibition

Second-year advertising students of the Willem de Kooning Academy came up with various creative concepts for the exhibition Hier besta ik (Here I exist). The results can be seen temporarily in the Great Hall.

A theme where loneliness is central. How do you draw attention to such a socially charged topic? The students came up with surprising ideas in various art forms, such as videos, installations, and photos.

I have time for you

One of the beautiful and catchy projects is the concept piece 'I have time for you' by Floor Opheij and Iris Hoek. They say: "We share loneliness with each other. It creeps into our culture, without really thinking about it. Time for loneliness creates moments in different places where the threshold for making contact is low, where there is no taboo on the subject. The orange chairs are a symbol for making time together and for acknowledging a problem. By sitting on the chairs you make time for someone else and you think about loneliness. You don't have to be lonely, the chairs take a place. Everyone sometimes experiences loneliness, in their own way, therefore no chair is the same. But we can connect the color orange with each other. "

The face of loneliness

Another creative concept is 'Face of Loneliness'. According to Sophie van Werven and Amber van der Ham, social media has the effect of reinforcing loneliness. Loneliness has been given a 'face' by social media in which real contact no longer matters. This face is the face of loneliness, an awareness that loneliness makes us anonymous within our society. Sophie and Amber say about their project: "We are encouraged to get to know the true face behind a lonely person. We are introduced to loneliness. Ultimately, we all want to live in a society filled with people instead of consumers"

Drop by

Curious about the other projects? The students' work can be admired in the Grote Zaal until 11 March, as part of the exhibition 'Here I exist'.


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