Tot Zover

Stories on life and loss by Mezrab

Storytellers of the Mezrab join forces with Museum Tot Zover. In the intimate setting of a former funeral home, immerse yourself in stories that explore the depths of grief, mourning, and the myriad ways humanity says goodbye.

Entrance € 12,50


Museum Tot Zover temporarily manages a vacant funeral home at the Nieuwe Ooster cemetery: PC Paviljoen. Think of all the stories that are shared there. The nature and the energy of the place promise that it will be an experience unlike any other.

As you wander through the halls of the PC Paviljoen, you'll encounter stories that resonate with the soul, ranging from personal anecdotes to ancient myths. These tales weave together the universal threads of human experience. Join us for an unforgettable evening of storytelling, where departure is not an end, but a poignant moment of reflection on the journey we all must take.


Date: Sunday 21 April 

Doors open at 19.30
Event starts at 20.00
Entrance: € 12,50
Language: English

Location: PC Paviljoen, Zaaiersweg 2, 1097 ST Amsterdam. Note: this is not the location of Museum Tot Zover, but on another corner of the cemetery and Middenweg.



The following storytellers will perform:

Fer Rodil 
Fer, an Argentinian director and storyteller with over 15 years of experience in the Buenos Aires theater scene. He's also a screenwriter, writing series for HBO, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. In 2020, he moved to the Netherlands. He now teaches storytelling at Mezrab Storytelling School, performs and teaches comedy, and directed shows featured in several Dutch festivals. His storytelling style explores how flexible is the threshold between reality and fiction.

Sinead O'Brien 
Sinéad O'Brien is an international storyteller and theater maker and believes that everyone has a story worth telling. She is passionate about helping people find their voice. She performed with her solo show Hero/Banlaoch at Amsterdam Fringe 2022, and No One is Coming at Prague Fringe Festival 2022, Riverside Studios London Bitesize Festival 2022, Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2020, among others.

Jacqueline Korevaar 
The Amsterdam based storyteller Jacqueline Korevaar is fascinated by stories from different cultures and religions. By giving each mythical or folk story a funny, dramatic or sometimes even shameful personal touch, she will tell old stories like she has written them here and now, specially for you. A modern storyteller with a big love for the theatrical and mythical traditions.

Irina Koriazova 
Irina Koriazova is an Amsterdam-based storyteller. Born in a provincial city in Russia, she never thought she would leave. Yet here she is, trying to make sense of her life through telling stories. She has a dry sense of humour and she likes to turn things upside down: a huge scary monster becomes worthy of love, and a victim turns into a protagonist. In 2023, Irina performed at the Viva la Vulva festival, Oerol Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival.

Sahand Sahebdivani 
Sahand Sahebdivani is the most renowned storyteller of The Netherlands. In 2004 he founded Mezrab, which has since grown to become one of the most important storytelling stages of the world. Sahand arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee of the Iran-Iraq war at the age of three. The experiences of him and his family have been the basis of the majority of his work. Sahand is a co-founder of the Mezrab Storytelling School and a co-director of The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival.

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