Clam-man (500+) uit 2020, conceptueel werk van Iris de Vries. Eén van de winnaars van de Design Challenge 'Wie wil er eeuwig leven?' Clam-man (500+) uit 2020, conceptueel werk van Iris de Vries. Eén van de winnaars van de Design Challenge 'Wie wil er eeuwig leven?'

Tot Zover

Dutch Death Design

Dutch design is a household name worldwide. But how do Dutch designers respond to dying matters? When a death takes place, there is often little time and people revert to what they already know. Urns, coffins, rituals. Dutch Death Design shows the innovation and creativity of young designers in all kinds of practices surrounding death, funerals and mourning.


Everything man makes is designed. Sometimes the design is purely functional, but often it brings something extra to the table. For example: aesthetics, value or meaning. Design can elevate an object or its user. It can inspire and give grounds for reflection.

The forty works in this exhibition offer possibilities to shape farewells and commemorations. They challenge us to talk about death. What is designed with care offers comfort. And perhaps a silver lining to grief?

Part of this exhibition was on view in 2020/21 at CUBE Design Museum during (Re)Design Death. The three winners of the Design Challenge are exhibited. Young designers and students made a conversationpiece surrounding the question 'do you want to life forever?' Obviously design and technology can change the way we deal with mortality. What do they come up with? Other objects belong to the museum collection or are on loan. The works can be seen in all galleries throughout the museum.

The Designers

Kim Beerepoot, Mark Beerens, Merle Bergers, Marieke Blaauw, Floris Brasser, Studio de Campagne, Mia Cinelli, Frederik Colting, Brigitte Coremans, Alex Gehlen, Ines Glowania, Nadia Gonegai, Yvette den Hartog, Bob Hendricx, Jorik Hepworth, Nienke Hoogvliet, Laura Hooreman, Floris Hovers, Sojung Im, Nick Jehlen, Maria van Kesteren, Roos Kuijpers, Max Kuwertz, Winnie Kwok, Nelleke van Lomwel, Gerard Moline, Bureau Morbidee, Mohammad Faizi Nazir, Pieter van der Oest, Studio Poehee, Wieki Somers, Erik Tibosch, Iris de Vries, Kelly Wey, Quirine Wissink, Suzanne de Wit


Projectleiding en samenstelling: Laura Cramwinckel
Eindverantwoording: Guus Sluiter
Tentoonstellings- en project assistentie: Cécile Steenman
Tentoonstellingsinrichting: Jeroen Bijl / Studio Bijlbuschman, Charlotte van der Most
Zaalteksten: Laura Cramwinckel, Guus Sluiter, Cécile Steenman
Artwork: Cécile Steenman en Lizz Heijn
Marketing en Communicatie: Lizz Heijn
Met bijzonder veel dank aan Wouter van Dillen en CUBE design museum.

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